All of us snore at least once. Some snore every night, irritating others, others make unpleasant sounds only if they have a cold and cannot breathe freely through their nose. If you snore all the time, you probably know how it interferes with your loved ones who sleep with you in the same room. Snore

Snoring spouse does not sleep well? It means that in the morning you will have a gloomy mood, and sooner or later you will go to sleep in different rooms. An otolaryngologist, MD Daniel Slaughter, a specialist in snoring treatment at an ENT clinic in Austin, USA, has repeatedly witnessed snoring leading to divorce. But even if your spouse assures that your snoring does not bother him or her at all, this is not a reason to give up on an unpleasant symptom. Snoring can indicate serious health problems.

Snoring can be a sign of illness

If your loved ones say you snore, do not neglect this information. If, along with snoring, you notice that your mouth is dry and you have a sore throat, then these symptoms can accompany a number of dangerous conditions, including:

  • low oxygen content in the blood;
  • migraine;
  • obesity;
  • disorders of the heart;
  • respiratory diseases.

If the problem of snoring is a symptom of a serious disease, then be sure to visit a doctor. Remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure, and if it has already come to treatment, the sooner the treatment is started, the greater the chances of success.

How to stop snoring and thereby preserve peace in a relationship

Next, we provide a list of tips that will help even in the most difficult cases. Some of them are surprisingly simple, others will require you to make an effort. But remember: you try for the sake of your health and for the sake of a happy family life. Immediately make a reservation: now on sale there are many devices and devices that supposedly relieve snoring. However, most of them either do not work, or act only on the effect, and not on the cause. In the article we will consider deeper methods of struggle for a quiet sleep, which will help not for one night, but for many years.

Sleep on your side

If you are used to sleeping on your back, then it is likely that you will snore. The reason is in the action of the force of gravity. Breathing patternThe back of the tongue and the soft palate are deflected backward and partially obstruct the airways. It is not dangerous, but creates an unwanted vibration in the throat, which causes the unfortunate sound.

Do not drink alcohol at night.

Like any liquid, except pure water, alcohol leads to dehydration. Although the temptation to drink a glass of wine before bedtime is strong, and you may think that you will fall asleep this way, but in fact alcohol will ruin your whole dream. When the throat is dry, the muscles in its lower part become less elastic, and this causes snoring. Therefore, before going to bed, drink plain water, and it is better to give up alcohol altogether.

Take a hot shower

Steam and hot water in the shower or bath will help with nasal congestion. To enhance the effect, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water. Woman taking a showerIf you breathe freely and easily, you are less likely to snatch. In addition, a shower or bath before bed will help you relax.

Sign up for a gym

If you lose weight, it will help you beat snoring. Those who carry extra pounds, fat, and there is in the neck. As a result, the throat narrows, especially during sleep. Weight loss will help solve this problem. In addition, your health and mood will improve!

Clear nasal passages

As already mentioned, free nose breathing prevents snoring. Therefore, blow your nose thoroughly, rinse your nose with a weak saline if necessary, and make sure that the mucous is moist. This will help you sprays based on sea water, as well as homemade methods: instillation into the nose of the same saline solution or natural oils. This is especially true in the heating season, as due to the low humidity the mucus in the nose turns into dry crusts.HumidifierIt will not be out of place to monitor the cleanliness and humidity of the air in the bedroom. This will help you airing, indoor plants and humidifiers. The latter are very different, from budget to expensive. As a rule, for a small bedroom is quite simple and affordable model. It is also worth regularly dusting and not storing “dust collectors” like soft toys in the room.

Change pillowcases and sheets often

In bed linen quickly accumulates dust, dirt, hair, particles of keratinized epidermis. All this is a breeding ground for microorganisms and dust mites, and can also cause allergies and sore throat. Change bedding often, and another possible cause of snoring will be less.

Stop smoking

Smoking adversely affects the breathing process. If you do not breathe deeply, then sooner or later you will begin to snore. The smoke that you inhale irritates the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, which leads to excessive secretion of sputum, and it narrows the passages of the respiratory tract. Snoring husbandQuitting smoking is easy if you choose the right method. Think of the many benefits of a life without cigarettes – both for you and for your loved ones. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend reading Allen Carr’s book “Stop Smoking Now, Without Gaining Weight” (this is the latest edition of his legendary book “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”).

Buy a Anti Snore Device

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If you still snore

So, you tried to sleep on your side, clean your nose, humidify the air, but nothing helped? Then you should contact a specialist. Continuous snoring can lead to apnea – involuntary cessation of breathing.

Snoring is often treated only as an unpleasant habit, but remember that it can indicate health problems. Most people can get rid of snoring and give loved ones a good sleep, using one or a few tips from our article. But if you snore not for the first year, and nothing helps you, consult a doctor.

We wish you and your loved ones strong and healthy sleep!