What quality programmable kitchen food processor to buy?

1. Moulinex Cookeo – Versatile and affordable

The Moulinex Cookeo is a kitchen food processor with a capacity for 2 to 6 people with its 6 liters of cargo . That undoubtedly makes it an ideal device for those of you who have to meet a whole family or simply for those who live as a couple.

In terms of size, it has a compact design that undoubtedly makes it suitable for any kitchen, however small it may be. This is one of the qualities that we should keep in mind since a kitchen food processor is supposed to give us facilities but not take away space . Without a doubt, in this sense the Moulinex Cookeo is a great option when deciding which kitchen food processor to buy.

Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 – Cooking food processor (1200 W, capacity for 6 people, capacity 6 l, 50 recipes), white
On the other hand, its power reaches up to 1200W . This power is more than enough to perform oven and roast functions. With this, I want to say that it is a perfect tool when it comes to making any preparation that is lately indicated in specific cookbooks for food processors . Its compact design is very intuitive.

It does not have too many keys and in fact it has automatic adjustment of both temperature and time. On many occasions, what throws people back when deciding which is the best kitchen food processor is precisely how simple or complicated it is to handle . It seems to me that the Moulinex Cookeo is an excellent option as a gift since it can be worth to anyone of any age and profile.

Finally, in the aspect of cleaning it must be said that it also takes a ten to have all removable parts . Personally, one of the things that did less grace to me in the past was how difficult it was to clean this type of utensils before. Now however all the pieces are removable and we can put them in the dishwasher exactly like any other.


The only “but” that could put this kitchen food processor is that it does not have automatic shutdown. I consider this function important not only to gain peace of mind but also to save on energy. I consider that it is a simple advance that in my opinion today should not be missing in any kitchen food processor and less in this one that has such a good design, so many benefits and so many facilities.


In conclusion, for its power that is more than indicated for any kind of preparation, for its capacity that gives us great flexibility for both cooking as a couple and for large families of up to six members, the Moulinex Cookeo seems like a great option to Time to think about what kitchen food processor to buy. There are other qualities that I would also like to highlight and that have to do with the ease that it presents when using it, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone: even for older people who certainly make life a lot easier contrary to popular belief.

On the other hand, and as I said before, it is a device with removable and stainless parts that can be easily cleaned. As for its exterior design, I find it very aesthetic and particularly successful because of its white color. It is compact and does not take up much space, so it is also suitable for any type of kitchen. Finally I must say that it has a high pressure capacity which guarantees us that you can cook in faster times than a normal pot.

Very easy to use
It has removable parts
Capacity between 2 and 6 liters
Compact design
It does not have an automatic shutdown function

2. Bosch MUM54251 – Very complete and with many accessories

Without a doubt, the Bosch MUM5425 1 is a great alternative when considering which kitchen food processor to buy nothing more than for its accessories . I think that among all the alternatives that I present to you, it is one of the most complete that has the assortment since it fulfills several functions for its own design and for the amount of gadgets that it incorporates.

That is why I consider it a profitable purchase considering the amount of kitchen things and operations that allows us to do . So, I think it is ideal for true foodies. Among its accessories I can highlight the juicer, the American blender glass, the steamer, mixer and a long etcetera that I certainly encourage you to discover.

Bosch MUM54251 – Cooking food processor with mixing bowl made of steel and accessories, 900 W, capacity 3.9 l, white and silver
That is not why it means that it is a kitchen food processor that takes up a lot of space: on the contrary it is designed not to get in the way and in fact it is prepared to be portable thanks to the fact that it even incorporates a briefcase . As I said, it is perfect for many kitchen operations, among which it is also necessary to highlight the snack.

So, more than a kitchen food processor I think the Bosch MUM54251 is a true kitchen center that is far above other devices that offer much less for a similar price. It has seven speeds indicated for different types of preparation: if what you are looking for is without a doubt this kitchen food processor can be a good alternative for you. It has a capacity of 3.9 liters which, although it is smaller than that of other models, does not mean that it is insufficient.

I think that this lack of capacity compensates it with the amount of functions that it allows us to do. It must be remembered that in addition the Bosch MUM54251, thanks to the incorporation of so many accessories, allows us to save a lot of space in the kitchen, being able to do everything in a single pot. It has a power of 900W .

The negative point I can put on the Bosch MUM54251 is its power. With 900W the truth is that it makes me a little looser than I expected. There are other alternatives that reach 1200W; Of course, they do not have many utensils by far, nor are they as practical as this.


I believe that the Bosch MUM54251 is a good device to the extent that it allows us to perform many operations on a single device. That is why it actually allows us to save a lot of space and in the process earn some of the investment we make by being able to get rid of the old ones on any second-hand page. I think it is a complete device that can also serve as a perfect complement to all our culinary tasks with its seven different modes. I would definitely give it a 10 if it wasn’t for what I commented on the power.

Bring many accessories
It allows to save space since it replaces many of the pots that we usually have in the middle such as the juicer
It has seven different modes for cooking, chopping, etc.
Bring kneader, ideal for pastry
It has a slightly low power and capacity for my taste

3. Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF802AA1 – A kitchen companion

I think the Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF802AA1 is the super device among the kitchen food processors. It is for several reasons that if I had to synthesize in a single word it would be precisely that, completeness.

It is complete in two ways, the first has to do with the amount of functions it allows us to perform and the second has to do with precision.

In addition to being a cutting-edge kitchen food processor, it comes with a recipe book of one million recipes that will make the task boring as much as time goes by and it will always be easier for us. It is ideal for the preparation of any dish: from soups to rice dishes to roasts . Its temperature is adjustable between 30 and 130 degrees. This is undoubtedly much more than most alternatives that we can consult when deciding which kitchen food processor to buy.

Moulinex Cuisine Companion HF802AA1 Cooking food processor, 6 automatic programs, Capacity up to 6 People
If I’m not mistaken, this model is the most (and if not among the first) power. It reaches 1700W which is ideal for preparing any preparation of its extensive recipe book.

It also has the function of kneading: ideal if you want to make your own bread at home every day or if you are fond of pastries or want to make pizzas.

It even has an ice crusher to liven up our evenings and can prepare cocktails easily. It is very easy to use as long as it has six programmable modes. With them we can make preparations that many people find complex as sauces, bechamel or things like that always resist. It has a capacity of 4.5 liters , which we can say that perfectly serves a normal family. That is why it is undoubtedly an excellent investment that in fact wants to indicate its own name: this kitchen food processor wants to be a companion for a lifetime and thanks in part to the guarantees that the Moulinex brand always gives us probably so.

It also comes with a program to adjust the time and get the perfect point in any preparation without any effort. For more inri, all its parts are washable in the dishwasher, so if what you are looking for is a kitchen food processor that will solve your laziness problem in the kitchen forever or think about it that you just found yours.

The negative point I can find for this kitchen food processor model is that I would have liked a larger assortment of accessories; It brings chopper, slicer, steamer, kneader and crusher. For asking not to be left, yes.


I believe that this model of kitchen food processor is undoubtedly a great investment both for those who do not want to complicate life with the theme of the kitchen and also for those who look for perfect results and at the same time a kitchen food processor that can serve them in more homework If what happens to you is that you are fascinated by many fields of gastronomy that range from the preparation of sauces to the kneading of bread or pizza doughs and pastries this model of kitchen food processor can do you a great service. It comes with many accessories (although as I said, for not asking), it is easy to use to the extent that it has a panel composed of very intuitive keys. Without a doubt, a great investment that can be used for the whole family.

Good capacity, suitable for a complete family
Parts washable in dishwasher
Various functions
Several ways to achieve a perfect result in any preparation
I would have liked some more accessories

4. Programmable pot GM Model G. – One of the most popular

That’s right, this programmable pot or kitchen food processor model is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best valued by Amazon users . It is for two fundamental reasons, its price and its versatility. In large part, we can say that both are in relation to make this a complete kitchen food processor model at a more than affordable price.

It has a capacity of six liters. It is more than many kitchen food processors that are in fact more expensive. With this we can make sure to cook for between 2 and 7 people depending on how much they eat at our table. It is programmable and has 19 menus . That means that we can make 19 different elaborations that, naturally, range from rice to stews to fried foods.

Taurus – Mycook Cooking food processor Heating Induction Max. 120ºc. Pulveriza, Grate, Pica, Crush, Knead Steam Cooking among others. Integrated Balance, Includes Recipe 150 Plates.
Its design is very versatile in conjunction with the rest of the device, which makes it very easy to handle while allowing us to use its full potential in an easy way . It happens too many times that we end up using a single function of our kitchen food processor for not knowing how to program the rest. With this programmable pot model that will not happen. In fact it is fully designed to take advantage of it.

By the way, bring a recipe book with eighty recipes indicated for this device . It seems to me that it is undoubtedly one of the most affordable alternatives in the market, taking into account everything it can offer us in exchange for its price. It has 11 temperature modes that we can adjust to 200 degrees Celsius .

Again, this is more than what other kitchen food processor models can offer in exchange for a higher price. By its design I will say finally that it does not take up too much space in our kitchen and that, at the same time, it is attractive in black and metal finishes to combine with the rest.

Again I will talk about accessories. Although it has a baking rack, bucket, frying basket, ladle and measuring cup, I always want more. For all that I have said and in spite of that it seems to me an excellent alternative to consider when choosing which kitchen food processor to buy.


If what you want is what you say a bargain, that is, a good product that does not cost too much money and is capable of fulfilling most functions of what you were looking for after all it was a kitchen food processor, without Doubt this model is a great alternative. It is one of the best value for money in this kitchen food processor comparison. That is why it has such good scores on Amazon and it is in fact the best selling products without having raised any complaints so far. It seems to me that it touches perfection as a purchase.

Very intuitive design
Very affordable value for money / functions
More power than many other kitchen food processor models
11 adjustable temperatures
Eco mode that saves energy
19 types of cooking
I would have liked more accessories

5. Taurus MyCook – Technology to the kitchen
We can say that the Taurus Mycook is the most technological and most accurate kitchen food processor of all that we have seen so far in this comparison of kitchen food processors.

It fulfills several typical functions of kitchen food processors but also up to a few degrees of precision unusual in most appliances. It has nine different power modes and another 10 for temperature.

That makes it a very versatile kitchen food processor that is undoubtedly focused on those of you who are looking for more elaborate , sophisticated functions and preparations with more specific recipes. That means that in all likelihood it can offer us better results than other kitchen food processors.

Taurus – Mycook Cooking food processor Heating Induction Max. 120ºc. Pulveriza, Grate, Pica, Crush, Knead Steam Cooking among others. Integrated Balance, Includes Recipe 150 Plates.
It has a capacity of two liters. In addition, it has a precision balance of up to 5 grams perfect for baking . In short, it is designed for those of you who love cooking and are looking for an ally to get perfect preparations. It comes with a recipe book of 150 preparations that you will surely love. Chop, knead, crush and cook: therefore perfect for all kinds of people and preparations.

Likewise, I must add that it is the only kitchen food processor that heats food by induction rather than by contact . That undoubtedly constitutes another point in his favor.

The negative point I find has to do with his ability. I would have liked a capacity greater than two liters. Despite this, we talk about one of the most interesting bets if we want to achieve excellent results.


I believe that Taurus Mycook is a kitchen food processor focused on those who are looking for perfect results. Everything in it seems made for precision, from its 9 cooking modes to its 10 temperature modes. Likewise, the fact that it brings precision scales makes us see that it wants to satisfy also the demanding pastry lovers. It is certainly an investment to have it in the long term.

It has precision balance
Induction heating
It has a very attractive design
Knead, chop, crush and much more
Many different cooking and temperature functions
Only two liters of capacity

6. Kenwood kCook Multi CCL 401WH – An interesting alternative

Kenwood has wanted to present with this model without doubt an alternative to the classic circular design of the conventional kitchen food processor . That is why it has not lost any of the functions that we must demand in these devices. Moreover, in some of them it far exceeds the majority of alternatives that currently exist in the market. It is a device with adjustable temperature ranging from 130 degrees to 180 degrees . With this we can make sure to make all kinds of preparations; from meat and fish to vegetables, rice, pasta, etc.

With its capacity of 4.5 liters it can serve a complete family. Depending on how you eat in a house it can reach up to eight people. No doubt Kenwood has been generous where other brands fall a little short . It has up to five different accessories for cutting, naturally also for scratching, directly on the cooking device itself.

Kenwood KCook Multi CCL401WH – Cooking food processor, 1500 W, Up to 180 º C Temperature, Capacity 7.2 L, Includes Bowl 4.5 L, 6 Predefined Programs, Set Accessories Included, Easy Use
It has a steam cooking tray that reaches up to 7.2 liters of capacity. No doubt this will help us for great preparations such as fish.

In spite of all this, this model of kitchen food processor does not have a design that is too large: in fact, it will not occupy too much in our kitchen . In addition, as every good kitchen food processor will serve to get rid of many of the devices that were swarming in the middle.

For me the negative point of this device is that I miss bringing more accessories and perhaps some more function such as kneading. Despite this, I think it is a very complete alternative within what exists in the market today.


The Kenwood kCook Multi CCL401WH is a device designed for those looking for a quality model, easy to use and that at the same time can offer guarantees both for its design and for its long-term materials. It is therefore a good investment that will accompany us for a long time and will undoubtedly contribute to making things easier for us.

Various power modes
Five cutting modes
Large capacity, for several guests
Very intuitive handling
I miss more accessories

Buying guide for the best cooking food processors
As I said, when thinking about which kitchen food processor to buy we must take into account several important aspects. I want to talk to you about them and what are the criteria that in regard to these aspects I have taken into account for this comparison of kitchen food processor.

The capacity is important but fundamentally it will depend on the type of use that you want to give to your kitchen food processor. Naturally, a kitchen food processor for a family is not at all the same as for a couple or a single person. In a way it also has to do with the type of use that you are going to give depending on your type of life .

If you live alone and what you want is a fast device that does not involve many problems even in the aspect of space with a device of about 2 or 4 liters capacity at most (if you have a visitor) will be enough. It is also important to consider the type of preparations you want to make. Evidently a family makes more roasts than a single person or a couple. ThusIt may be a good option to save on your kitchen food processor if you are not going to use this option especially and do not need to prepare whole pieces for example.


Of course, our kitchen food processor brings accessories adds to the choice of which kitchen food processor to buy . Today there are multiple alternatives so we do not have to settle for what would be a plastic pot. There are options that bring juicer and chopper for example.

In the sense of accessories it is better to think from the concept that they are kitchen centers that can help us in many tasks that are not always going to have to do with the “responsible” side of the kitchen . To serve us a glass with crushed ice they must also be worth it. Thus, today the most frequent accessories are: chopper, crusher, kneader, steamer, juicer, slicer and scratcher. Taking this into account will make us take more advantage of our kitchen food processor and, consequently, make the investment in it more profitable every day.


It is important to also take into account the aspect of cleanliness to the extent that if not our kitchen food processor will have complicated our life by scrubbing everything that had simplified it in the cooking function . It is therefore important to contemplate that our kitchen food processor has removable parts that can be introduced into the dishwasher for more comfort. Naturally, that they are made of stainless steel is a point in favor. In any case, they must not have electronic elements that require us to perform dry cleaning and, at the same time, are not too delicate to be able to withstand the “tute” that will be taken every day and for what is expected to be A long stage in our life.

What are the functions of a kitchen food processor?

In the past it was believed that the main functions of a kitchen food processor should basically go through being a plastic pot that cooked with electricity. However, over time the kitchen food processor has been winning competitions and today it is capable of doing practically everything. For example, you can knead as well as stew as you always did. In addition, they usually have a timer that allows us to program them so that at a specific time they start working.

The other function that a kitchen food processor must have is to replace many devices that we normally have in the middle of the kitchen circling. Actually, the concept that is being imposed lately is that of a kitchen center that can be used for multiple tasks and thus make our lives easier thanks for example to save us space in the kitchen.

Differences between a kitchen food processor and a programmable pot

First, programmable pots are so to speak the evolution of express pots . In many cases they only have the function of cooking by cooking with what they cannot do the rest of the cooking or, at least, they are not able to do it themselves.

However, in the case of kitchen food processors they are able to carry out all the functions by themselves from the beginning to the end. Another difference would be consumption: a programmable pot will always consume less than a kitchen food processor .

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  • What is a programmable kitchen food processor?


Also called food processor, they are multiprocessors or cooking machines, capable of fulfilling all functions in the same device. It is an appliance that is used to perform various repetitive tasks during the food preparation process.

Each model has a control panel, which consists of a screen or interface to handle the instructions of each preparation. The electronic board of the kitchen food processors is intuitive, with easy programming that can be handled by any user.

These kitchen devices simplify the daily tasks of millions of families and people who have little time to cook, whether for study, work or other occupations.

Programmable kitchen food processors, are intended to perform many functions, depending on their location or different accessories, they are capable of:

  • Steam cooking
  • Sauté and cook
  • Mix and knead
  • Make purees
  • Grate cheese or vegetables
  • Slice and chop vegetables
  • Chop nuts, seeds, spices, meat and dried fruit.
  • Shake
  • Mount
  • Emulsify
  • Make ice cream, smoothies or juices.
  • It should be noted that, each of these functions will depend on the blade and base used and also on the recipe to be prepared.
  • It is important to know that, almost all modern kitchen food processors have safety mechanisms, which prevent the engine from running if the bowl is not properly fitted to the base or if the lid is not properly attached to the bowl.

Advantages of a programmable kitchen food processor

Having a programmable kitchen food processor at home, is the dream of every housewife, is an ideal help to speed up the tasks that sometimes take a long time, then we will point out its benefits:

  • With these accessories kitchens faster, due to the power of their engine, they allow you to cut, chop, knead, grate or make any type of cooking.
  • Decrease the time you spend in the kitchen.
  • It allows you to simplify the food process, since many come equipped with measuring scales, accessories that cut and perform different activities, which take a long time to do it manually.
  • Cooking large quantities is much easier, since most kitchen food processors bring large capacity bowls, up to 7 liters (for more than 5 people).
  • You can make recipes that you have never prepared before, because many of these teams have already recorded menus and even have cooking parameters and time to cook each ingredient.
  • You also save money, instead of equipping your kitchen with an oven, roaster fryer and toaster, you invest in an exemplary programmable kitchen food processor.
  • It helps you avoid cleaning tasks, because it is not necessary to use other objects and utensils such as pots, spoons or pans.

Characteristics of a Kitchen food processor

This device has particular characteristics that differentiates it from another in the market, which are ideal for choosing the one that best suits your needs and are the following:

  • Engine power
  • Heat technology
  • Cutting speeds
  • Glass or bowl size
  • Maximum temperature
  • Programmed functions
  • Not all users need the best features, however, they always look for a product that suits the needs of each one.

The results of acquiring a kitchen food processor, are optimal and among them we have homemade food, divine, of the best quality, with healthy preparation methods, maintaining the nutritional properties of each food and enhancing its natural flavor, especially in each ingredient.

Another aspect that is considered important is the heat source, either by induction heating or by electrical resistance. Both work well, but it is necessary to recognize that induction is more effective, reduces energy consumption and the cost of electricity, being a greener option.

Types and uses of programmable kitchen food processors

The types of kitchen food processors vary according to the use that you are going to give it, it is up to you to decide which is the one that best suits your needs and what you are going to develop in the kitchen, then we will detail them:

  • Confectionery food processors: these appliances are used mostly for preparations of sweets, desserts with cookies, cakes and whipped creams. It also allows other functions such as kneading to prepare bread or pizza. It includes the following accessories: chopper , they can chop foods like meat and fish. Juicer, to prepare fruit juices. Cereal mill , can be used to grind cereals such as corn, rice, oats or wheat. Whisk, for the preparation of thicker dough. Grater, for cheese, potatoes or carrots.
  • Cooking food processors or programmable pots: these devices allow you to cook food in countless ways: simmer, steam, roast, among others. This is one of the most common. It allows to keep the food warm until the moment of consuming. Some include the grill option to prepare more crunchy recipes and most can be programmed. Some also include meters to calculate the amount of food to prepare. You can prepare many dishes, it is only necessary to introduce the ingredients inside and set the time for which we want them to be prepared. After being ready the food only remains to be served.
  • Food processors: with this equipment you can prepare fruits, crush or chop vegetables, chop meat, knead pasta, beat creams, etc. It includes different accessories such as a chopper knife or a mixer. It is one of the most complete, easy to use and clean.

What meals can I prepare with a kitchen food processor?

The first thing that this utensil offers you is the ability to surprise another and yourself with the delicious dishes that you can prepare with it. Almost automatically a food processor can prepare dishes such as:

  • Mediterranean food
  • Chocolate cake
  • Carbonara sauce
  • Creams
  • Pumpkin cream
  • Quinoa Coca
  • Humus
  • Desserts
  • Stews
  • Gazpachos
  • Pasta
  • Milkshakes
  • Cake Bases
  • Pates
  • Lentils
  • Risottos
  • Mousses
  • Couscous and many more.

The possibilities of preparing delicacies with a kitchen food processor are endless, it will only depend on your enthusiasm and the exchange of recipes.

How to keep the programmable kitchen food processor in perfect condition

It is important to keep our device in optimal conditions so that its operation is better and adequate. The waste that accumulates inside the equipment must be removed.

One way to do this is, once the machine is cold, activate the turbo mode so that the residues that have been embedded are easily separated and removed.

Another of the most difficult parts to clean are the blades. An effective way to clean them is to add hot water in the container and start the food processor, rinse with cold water and then dry thoroughly. To avoid bad odors, after each use you can add warm water with vinegar or lemon juice and start the food processor.

How to choose the best programmable kitchen food processor

The best programmable kitchen food processor is the one that adapts in price and quality to your budget, that serves as an ideal help, covering your requirements and that allows you to do the tasks that you have destined to do with it. Of course it must be backed by a good brand that assumes the warranty or has repair service.

Also, we can note that the best kitchen food processor for you, is that multi-functional where you are in charge of choosing the functions that should include, that gives you daily help in the kitchen and in addition to that allows you to create new dishes.

Cooking power is also something that you should take into account when making the choice, it is important that you allow cooking in a short time and at high temperatures.

There are extra functions such as the scale, grater and kneader, this adds more value to the device, if you are really going to use it it is a good option.

The size of the glass will define the amount of food you prepare, knowing that the larger the size, the more capacity you will have.

There are many specifications to decide, which is the best kitchen food processor, so it will depend closely on your requirements, the important thing is that you have well defined what you need and thus you will be able to make the best decision.

Where to buy the best programmable kitchen food processor

Nowadays, thanks to technology, we don’t have to leave home to buy the products we like, and programmable kitchen food processors are no exception. If you want to enjoy the best discounts we will recommend you visit the following online platform.

Amazon: here you will find varieties, with excellent discounts, in addition to the attention that is very good. It offers you an extensive catalog where different models and quality brands are contemplated. The prices are affordable. The delivery of the order will arrive at the place you indicate and in the time you have requested.